Cipla Tugain Solution 60ml Hair Regrowth Gain Treatment 10%Minoxidil Bandless

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  • ·       Nourishes your hair from root to tip
  • ·           Helps the hair to grow longer and thicker
  • ·           Improves the quality of your existing hair
  • ·           Adds luster, sheen, body and volume to your hair
  • ·           Ceases the hair fall and curbs it
  • ·           Enhances the multiplication of hair fibre cells
  • ·           Increases the tensile strength of your hair
  • ·           Repairs the split ends
  • ·           Prevents the hair from breakage
  • ·           Clinically tested to be safe and natural

For TUGAIN Solution to work best, you should allow it to stay on the scalp at least 4 hours before washing it off.




Tugain Solution 10 is used to stabilize hair loss and induce re-growth of new hair in areas where the hair is thinning. If one may experience more hair loss than usual than Tugain Solution 10 is prescribed by the physicians.

The main ingredient in this formulation is Minoxidil enhances the hair growth. It promotes the growth of new hair and imparts you graceful hair.

It reduces the hair fall and helps the hair to grow longer and thicker. The hair fall problem gets cured with its continuous use. 1ml of the solution should be applied twice daily at 12-hour intervals to clean and dry hair.

It should spread over from the centre of the affected area to cover the entire affected area and cures the hair fall problems.It nourishes the hair as it gets deeply absorbed into the scalp. Tugain Solution 10 stops the hair fall.


apply 1 ml in morning and night directly onto the scalp in the hair loss area using more or more often will not improve results

continued use is necessary to increase and keep your hair regrowth, or hair loss will begin again


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