Bio Beauty Virgin Again, Vagina Tightening & Rejuvenating Gel for 50ml

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  • For rejuvenating V part of women
  • Regain youngerness
  • Complete natural content
  • Provide good result in firming and tightening in natural way.
  • NT WEIGHT – 50 GM


Bio Beauty Virgin Again Helps To Get You Complete Youthfulness & Make You Feel Like A Virgin. It May Help You Bringing The Vagina Back Into Its Original Shape& Firmness Beauty Virgin Again Helps Enhance Tightness Of The Female Organs. That Result Into New Sensation And Heights That A Women Could Ever Imagine For Her Sexuality.

V PART Tightening & Rejuenating Gel for Women by Bio Beauty Ingredients : Terminalia Arjunna extract, Mesua Ferrea Extract L-Arginine Squalene, Rose Extract Alum Aloes woodfordia Fruticosa Extract Almond Oil & Vitamin E. Virgin Again helps to get you complete youthfulness & make you feel like a virgin. It may help you bringing back the shape & firmness naturally. It helps enhance tightness of the organs.That result in to new sensation and heights that a women could ever imagine for her. Pack Size : 1.75 FL. OZ/50 g

Product Features : 100% Genuine Product.

it Contains Terminalia Arjuna Extract, Masua Ferrea Extract, L-arginine, Squalene, Rose Extract, Alum, Aloes, Woodfordia Fruticosa Extract, Almond Oil & Vitamin E.

For External Use Only


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